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Pilonidal TestimonialsShomaf Nakhjo, DO Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Delivering a Personalized Experience to Every Patient

Dr. Shomaf Nakhjo consistently delivers and exceptional, patient-focused treatment experience to men and women in New Jersey. Read the reviews below to hear what Dr. Nakhjo’s patients have to say.

“Incredibly thankful to have found Dr. Nakhjo and his staff. I previously had two surgeries with another doctor and was feeling extremely hopeless about living with reoccurring pilonidal cysts. Dr. Nakhjo sat down and thoroughly explained everything about the cleft lift procedure, which I hadn't had before. I finally felt like someone had the time to hear my concerns and provide me with an alternative path forward. Prior to my surgery I experienced another infection while on vacation, and Dr. Nakhjo had given me his cell and was able to support me through this on a Sunday! I am incredibly thankful and finally hopeful about being able to put this behind me all thanks to Dr. Nakhjo." - Andrea L., March 2024

“Dr. Nakhjo, is great. He is expressive in care and open to questions and answering all concerns and care. Highly recommend!" - Adam V., February 2024

“If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I brought my son all the way from upstate NY just to see him. After a previous failed surgery with another doctor, Dr. Nakhjo was a lifesaver. He preformed a clef lift surgery for pilonidal cyst and we could not be happier with the results. My son who had been in pain for months now has his life back. Dr. Nakhjo, his staff and the staff at Newton Medical Center were all wonderful. Dr. Nakhjo takes time to listen, understand your concerns and is just an amazing doctor and human. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!!” - Jackie G, April 2023

“My first visit was in January for a pilonidal cyst. Dr Nakhjo got me right in on February 8 for a pilonidal cystectomy 2 weeks later I'm healing perfectly. Highly recommend Dr. Nakhjo and his team." - Meghan L., February 2024

“Had a cyst removed from Dr. Nakhjo, finally can get back to normal everyday life, highly recommend" - Kyle L., February 2024

“Dr. Nakhjo and his staff are the best around. I found him online, drove an hour to find exactly what the reviews say. He is a wonderful man. I had a pilondial cyst and from the minute i met him i knew i was in the best care. Never having surgery before i was nervous, but he assured me it was going to be quick and easy and it was. He is well worth the drive." - Tara H., February 2024

“I got my first cyst at 15, and almost 15 years later I am finally cured. They popped up every few months from then on, causing me incredible amounts of pain and while in the midst of a flair up disrupted my daily life. Due to the somewhat embarrassing location of these cysts, I often did not discuss them with anyone. I learned tactics to soothe them at home, and believed it would be a constant in my life that would never go away. My doctors suggested the traditional way of dealing with them and upon conducting research I had seen that the reoccurrence rate was remarkably high.

“I did not undergo surgery for a very long time because I saw no use in undergoing a painful surgery under the more traditional method with a painful recovery period just for the cysts to return.

“I was a member of a support group on an online forum dedicated to this condition, and that was where I discovered the cleft-lift procedure. After reading more about it, it seemed like a miracle. The recovery period was shorter, and the chance of reoccurrence being FAR lower than the alternatives.

“I found Dr. Nakhjo being personally recommended on the forum for his professionalism, his care, and his dedication to the procedure he conducted on people suffering from this condition.

“My mind was made up and I made my appointment and drove 9 hours to have him and his specialized team conduct this procedure.

“Dr. Nakhjo was professional, realistic, and was above all else, sympathetic to my condition and it really felt as though he cared and wished to free me from what I had been suffering from on and off my entire adult life.

“The surgery was successful and a year later I am completely free of cysts. The recovery, while at times was uncomfortable, paled in comparison to the horror stories I had read about the other procedures to treat this condition.

“I was able to ride in the car back home within days of receiving the surgery with only relative discomfort. The next few weeks I rehabbed and rested and apart from the odd ache and pain. The recovery was almost pleasant (as far as a surgical procedure goes) The healing process was easy and the instructions were simple and I encountered relatively few mishaps throughout the process. Dr. Nakhjo‘s office was responsive in communication and checked on me often throughout. And when I expressed a desire to get back into the gym informed me when I was cleared for physical activity.

“Since recovery, I have not dealt with any residual pains, and the only issue I have encountered has been some very minor discomfort while doing sit ups on a hard surface in the gym. Which was easily corrected by the use of a mat underneath me while doing the excercise.

“Overall, this has been a life changing experience and if anyone is suffering from this condition I highly recommend Dr. Nakhjo." - Forest S., February 2024

“Dr Nakhjo is such a fantastic doctor! He's extremely knowledgable about what he does. He performed my pilondial cystectomy and cleft lift procedure and the entire process leading up to surgery and post surgery was great. The office staff is so personable - they kept in contact with me the whole time, they checked up on me, were super responsive with any questions I had. Dr. Nakhjo truly goes above and beyond for his patients. His bedside manner is kind, respectful and caring. Cannot recommend him enough!" - Bryanna D.

“Dr. Najhko was awesome! so professional, and explained everything. I would recommedn him to anyone who needs this procedure." - Erik H., January 2024

“I struggled with a pilonidal cyst for quite some time before I finally found Dr. Nakhjo and his team. He’s an incredibly nice guy and an outstanding doctor, him and his team told me everything I need to do pre surgery and was always quick to answer if I ever contacted them. Dr Nakhjo preformed the cleft lift surgery on me and I had very little pain just hours after surgery. Within a few days I felt almost 100%. Highly, highly recommend" - Mike C., January 2024

“Dr. Nakhjo is one of the best doctors. He has such a great personality. You can tell he cares about his patients. I highly recommend him. All the staff in his office is wonderful, they are so friendly and help with anything you need." - Sami F. January 2024

“Dr.Nakhjo is the best surgeon I could’ve asked for simply because of how thorough and experienced he is with the Cleft Lift procedure. Dr.Nakhjo’s team is also outstanding. I highly recommend Dr.Nakhjo.” - Gabriel S, April 2023

“For pilonidal cystectomy (cleft lift surgery procedure) everything was great. I absolutely trust the doctor. He gives top notch service and so does everyone at the office. They also helped me minimize the costs of the procedure. I 1000% recommend. Thank you!!!” - Evan S, April 2023

“We had an excellent experience with my wife pyllonidal cyst! Doctor was kind and very professional, the nurses and people in the office was great. Cyst removed, happy no pain patient. Thanks Doctor!” - Maria Lorena B, May 2023

“I couldn't be more happy with my experience with Dr. Nakhjo. He and his staff were very nice and friendly. He made the process of getting rid of a pilonidal cyst very comfortable and easy. He is a great doctor.” - Luis C, April 2023

“My experience with Dr. Nakhjo and his staff has always been very enjoyable. Dr. Nakhjo has a wonderful bedside manner and always made me feel comfortable. His office staff have always been helpful and kind. My pilonidal cyst was affecting every aspect of my life due to the pain.”

“Love this office. Doc and staff were very friendly and considerate. Was nervous about my situation, but was they made me feel very comfortable. Doc told me what to expect and he was 10 for 10. After surgery, every nurse that I encountered, said that if they needed a surgeon, that he would be the one they wanted. From initial diagnosis to post surgery follow up, this office exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful to have been given their number. Can’t say it enough, I love this office.”

“Luckily Dr. Nakhjo & his staff were very professional and helped the process of surgery not feel so scary. I am grateful for all that they have done to help me.” - Samantha, January 2023

“The experience has been amazing. I was very nervous about the procedure but they really put me at ease. Their office is very professional and relaxing at the same time. The procedure went better than I could have hoped. I had no pain at all and they followed up to make sure I was ok. I already feel more confident and wish I had done this sooner! Thank you all for making this great experience. Thanks for making this a very pleasant experience.” - Luke, February 2023

“I can't say enough about Dr. Nakhjo. His candor and easy manner made me feel quite at ease, for the hernia surgery that was performed. He carefully explained the procedure and what to expect. He was never in a rush, open to questions and we had very easy & direct conversations. He would get 10 stars if there was an option for that. I will be sure to recommend him to friends and family… Thank you Dr. Nakhjo!” - Evets R, February 2023

“Dr. Nakhjo and his office staff were patient and thorough with all my questions and concerns before my procedure. After the procedure everything went exactly how it was explained to me and my issues are resolved. Thanks Dr. Najkho” - Fizza J, April 2023

“I consider myself a Professional Patient and I have had the pleasure of The Professional Services of Dr. Nakhjo and the Very Kind Care from his Staff in peticular Sydney who has assisted me in questions and concerns. She is a great asset to Dr Nakhjo.” - Joseph H, April 2023

“Dr Nakhjo isn't just an excellent surgeon, but has great bedside manner that truly helps put you at ease. I would highly recommend him! Office staff is extremely kind and I was always seen on time for my appointments.” - Jessica L, March 2023

“Excellent” - Frank I, February 2023

“Very good care” - Luke M, February 2023

“Great doctor, great staff” - Mathew K, February 2023

“Excellent surgeon; great bedside manner. Would definitely recommend!” - Trish L, January 2023

“Doctor is excellent. Staff is friendly. Highly recommended.” - Bob I, January 2023

“Very happy with my experience with Dr. Nakhjo, his staff, and the hospital staff. He’s considerate, takes time to explain everything and answers all questions. I highly recommend Dr. Nakhjo!” - David M, January 2023

“Great doctor great surgeon really changed my life highly recommend” - Jeff, January 2023

“Professional, friendly and direct. Very approachable and knowledgeable which made the whole process easy!” - Chris R, December 2022

“Great staff and Dr. Nakhjo was terrific. Would highly recommend.” - Carmine P, December 2022

“Worked out better than I expected. Good recovery.” - Christopher V, December 2022

“Wonderful staff and caring doctor. Have and would recommended [sic] Dr. Nakhjo!” - William, November 2022

“Doctor and staff are courteous, professional and thoughtful. Would highly recommend.” - John O, November 2022

“Top quality service, his staff are professional and courteous.” - John B., 2019

“Great surgeon…bedside fantastic too” - Peter W., 2019

“Promptly seen at my appointment time. Office staff, Nurse and Doctor extremely professional, polite and informative. The Doctor thoroughly explained my condition, recovery and billing. Surgery and recovery 2 weeks out and I feel excellent.” - John G.

“Excellent Staff, answered all questions, professional and caring. Dr. Nakhjo performed surgery. Could not have gone better. Great bedside manner.” - Andrew, NJ Surgery Patient, 2019

“Dr. Nakhjo took his time and explained every step of the surgical procedure I was going to have done, the cause and need for this surgery, how he was going to perform the surgery, any possibly risks or complications and my time needed for recovery. I left Dr. Nakhjo's office after this consultation still nervous but very confident that I was in good hands. Dr. Nakhjo's office staff was also very pleasant and helpful with the scheduling of my surgery and with filling out any paperwork needed for the hospital, insurance and benefits.”

“Great experience with doctor and staff” - Christina W, May 2023

“My experience with Dr. Nakhjo was excellent. He is very personable and really treats you like family. Has incredible knowledge. Staff was incredible as well. Highly recommended" - Kenny K, June 2023

"From my personal experience with my recent Surgery covered by Dr. Nakhjo, I couldn't have been more happy with not only the outcome but the experience as well. The staff at Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery was beyond helpful and extremely thorough when it came to instructions for Pre-Op & Post-Op Surgery. But I am most thankful that they were there to guide me through the whole process.... That's why I was MORE than happy to drive 2 hours both there and back to know I was in amazing care with Dr. Nakhjo and I imagine all his patients feel the same. So know that you are in GREAT hands at Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery from setting the appointment and the comfort greetings of Shannon, to Scheduling & Preparation for Surgery with Cheryl, and all the way to a welcoming consultation followed by outstanding surgical work by Dr. Nakhjo! Now, after 20 years of dealing with pain & discomfort; I am happily at the tail end of my recovery and I couldn't be any more happy!!!" - Matthew S, July 2023

“Dr. Nakhjo performed a pilonidal cystectomy for me and everything went perfectly! From the very beginning of the process to the end/recovery I felt very well informed. 10/10 would recommend this office!" - Adam G, September 2023

“Wonderful doctor and great office staff." - Ellen, October 2023

“Was very satisfied with Dr. Nakhjo and the surgery he performed" - EJ, November 2023

“The explanation of what the procedure incurred prior to surgery and what was actully performed was spot on. No guess work at all. His personality is very enlightening and pleasant. He is the type of person you would invite to your home for a picnic. Very much impressed. Thank you" - Joseph M, November 2023

“I cannot recommend Dr. Nakhjo and his staff highly enough, if you suffer from pilonidal disease his cleft lift procedure is a no brainer, why risk it coming back? Surgery went smoothly and recovery is quick and relatively easy." - Luke M, November 2023

“I was duly impressed with the entire process and the competence of Dr Nakhjo. Everything went as was projected. I am week 3 of recovery and I feel much better than before the surgery. Highly recommended. The scar is almost not there." - Jeffrey S, November 2023

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