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Inguinal Hernia Surgeryin Northern New Jersey

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The Meshfree Shouldice Inguinal Hernia Repair Explained

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Inguinal Hernia Surgery in Northern New Jersey

If you’re suffering from an odd bulge near the pubic bone or groin that protrudes more when you cough, sneeze, or lift heavy objects, you may have what’s known as an inguinal hernia. If left untreated, inguinal hernias could lead to more serious complications, including painful and life-threatening conditions. Don’t wait for your hernia to become serious! Dr. Shomaf Nakhjo is an expert at both open and laparoscopic surgical techniques to repair your hernia successfully with a very low rate of recurrence. Learn more about Dr. Nakhjo’s proven methods for Inguinal Hernia Surgery in New Jersey, and then schedule a consultation to get rid of your hernia for good!

Out of Place

What is an Inguinal Hernia?

A hernia is defined as a weakening of muscles or other tissues that allows for an organ or fatty tissue to bulge out from its normal location. Inguinal hernias occur when abdominal contents push through a weak spot in your abdominal wall. This can be either on one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral). In males, Inguinal Hernias are most common near the creases in the groin. They can be painful or have no pain at all.

A ticking time bomb in your groin

What are the dangers of an Inguinal Hernia?

Inguinal hernias are not inherently life-threatening. In some cases, they aren’t even painful and can be corrected simply by gently pressing on the bulge, but will spontaneously come back.

The danger comes when the intestine or intra-abdominal fat, food, or waste gets trapped within the hernia as it bulges outside the abdominal muscle. This situation is known as an incarcerated hernia and can cause infection, obstructed bowels, and the inability to pass gas, as well as severe pain and nausea.

Inguinal hernias can also lead to a condition called strangulation, where the hernia cuts off blood flow to part of the intestine. This is a serious, painful, life-threatening condition that requires immediate surgery and a prolonged hospital stay.

Peace of Mind

Am I a good candidate for Inguinal Hernia Surgery?

Most healthy adults with inguinal hernias are good candidates for surgery. Dr. Shomaf Nakhjo offers both laparoscopic and the Shouldice method for his Inguinal Hernia Surgery New Jersey patients. The Shouldice method is an open, meshless hernia repair method with a very low reoccurence rate, making it extremely safe and effective. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique that can also be extremely effective, with sometimes slightly less downtime than open techniques.

During your consultation, Dr. Nakhjo will review your health, your hernia, and your risk factors and will help you decide if this procedure is right for you.

A Natural Alternative to Mesh

Your Inguinal Hernia Procedure

Dr. Nakhjo uses the Shouldice method for inguinal hernia repair. This method is considered the “gold standard” of hernia repair due to its low rate of recurrence and use of natural tissues to correct the problem, rather than surgical mesh. The rate of recurrence for the Shouldice method is less than one percent, making it by far the most effective method to cure your inguinal hernia. However, most surgeons are not trained in this method, making Dr. Nakhjo one of the top Inguinal Hernia Surgeons in the region.

Learn more about the difference between the Shouldice method and surgical mesh by reading Dr. Nakhjo's article "Mesh Vs. No Mesh".

During your surgery, you will be under general anesthesia, so you will not feel a thing. (If you wish to avoid general anesthesia, you may have the procedure performed under light sedation and local anesthesia.) Dr. Nakhjo will make a small incision near the hernia, which he will use to perform the operation. Dr. Nakhjo starts by gently relocating the fatty tissue or organ that has pushed through the abdominal muscle back to where it belongs. From there, he repairs the integrity of the abdominal muscle by repairing each layer of the abdominal muscles individually, maximizing the strength of the repair. This way, Dr. Nakhjo can confidently correct the gap that led to the hernia without using synthetic mesh or foreign objects.

Typical incision for the Shouldice Repair is only 1.5-2 inches. Patients may shower the next day and there are no sutures to remove. The wound is injected with a long acting anesthetic which last 24-36 hours which minimizes pain allowing for minimal pain medicine requirement post op.

Mesh from hernia repair
Mesh from hernia repair
Mesh from hernia repair

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Inguinal Hernia Surgery Recovery

Open hernia surgery may require a slightly longer recovery than laparoscopic techniques, and both options have a very low rate of recurrence or complications. Most patients are back up and running (and lifting!) better than before within four weeks of surgery, though many find that they can return to normal activities sooner. Most recover and are functional within a few days with little to no need for pain medications. Dr. Nakhjo will go through your New Jersey Inguinal Hernia Surgery recovery in detail during your consultation to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the best way to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery.

Better than Before

Inguinal Surgery Results

A hernia is like a hole in the wall. Once Dr. Nakhjo repairs the hole, you will notice that the uncomfortable bulge that sticks out from time to time isn’t there anymore. Not only that, but Dr. Nakhjo takes the time during your surgery to scan for any other potential weak spots. After your surgery, you will be able to have confidence in your abdominal strength and stability.

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While an inguinal hernia may not feel like much, it can lead to serious complications and injury. Other methods of hernia repair have a much higher rate of recurrence, which can lead to multiple surgeries. Don’t take those risks! Get your Inguinal Hernia Surgery right the first time with help from New Jersey’s hernia expert, Dr. Shomaf Nakhjo.

Inguinal Hernia SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions

Not for all Inguinal Hernia Surgeries. During your consultation, Dr. Nakhjo will go over the pros and cons of the different surgical techniques (mesh vs. meshless), and which will be the best for you. It really depends on your personal preferences as to whether or not you prefer to avoid implantable mesh.

All surgeries contain some level of risk. For most hernia surgeries, the biggest risk is the recurrence of the hernia. However, Dr. Nakhjo’s method reduces this risk down to about one percent. Dr. Nakhjo will give you a complete guide on the risks of surgery and how he minimizes them during your consultation.

Surgery usually takes 20-30 minutes and patients can go home the same day. There are no sutures to remove and most patients require little to no pain medication. Most patients can return to work and normal daily activities within a few days of surgery. Work that requires lifting of objects weighing more than 15 pounds usually requires three to four weeks of recovery first.

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