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Results from bariatric surgery vary depending on many factors including, original weight, age and health. The following are experiences from some of our patients. 

Marie A.

My name is Marie. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and my GP put me on medicine. That was the last straw, especially since I was already in a lot of pain with my feet, legs, knees, back and stomach problems. I did not want to be a burden on my husband and family if I couldn't walk. So, I had to do something.


I was scared to have surgery at age 65. Dr. Nakhjo was very supportive and said because I was in good health, he felt that I was a very good candidate for the surgery.


I was operated on for gastric sleeve surgery on October 13, 2016. I was 254 pounds. Because of the surgery, I could not overeat. My stomach was smaller and it told me quite clearly that I was full.


I lost 100 pounds within a year of the surgery and have kept it off ever since.


Dr. Nakhjo was very patient and caring throughout the procedure and afterwards during office visits.


I was grateful to Dr. Nakhjo who encouraged me to attend a support group at Newton Hospital. There, I was able to receive many pointers and help towards eating healthy and keeping my weight under control. I was able to exercise 3 times a week after some weight loss and have continued to do so. I also daily watch what and when I eat and drink. Because of my surgery, I am able to enjoy my grandchildren without pain of lifting, climbing stairs, walking, running, playing games, etc. Sleeve surgery is definitely a life-changing experience. I highly recommend and thank Dr. Nakhjo.

"I lost 100 pounds within a year of the surgery and have kept it off ever since."
Cindy & Bill E.

Dr. Nakhjo gave me the tool to lead a healthier life. He provided me with the sleeve surgery to start my dream life career as a nurse. I was able to lose 108 lbs. I am no longer pre-diabetic. I continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Nakhjo and his staff were amazing. The gastric sleeve is a great tool to use in the journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Nakhjo.


Dr. Nakhjo gave me my life back. I was always tired. I didn’t get good sleep. I had sleep apnea and I was on medication for high blood pressure. I was also on medication for high cholesterol and triglycerides. Since my sleeve surgery I have lost 220 lbs. and I no longer take medications. I move more every day and I do not need my CPAP machine at night. Thank you Dr Nakhjo.

"Since my sleeve surgery I have lost 220 lbs. and I no longer take medications."

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