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For people struggling with weight loss and that may also have accompanying health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, joint pain, sleep apnea, infertility, and more, bariatric surgery offers a safe and healthy option to lose weight and keep it off.

Dr. Nakhjo uses a highly personalized approach to provide plans based on your unique situation with comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative sessions to keep you informed every step of the way. Our dedicated multi-disciplinary team includes nutritionist, counseling, medical and surgical experts along with support groups to help ensure the best possible outcome for each of our patients.


There are several types of bariatric surgical procedures and each has its own benefits and risks. Dr. Nakhjo will talk to you, determine your BMI and help you decide if, and which, bariatric and metabolic surgery option is appropriate for you.

Now the most common bariatric procedure, sleeve gastrectomy has also been the most effective in terms of expected weight loss. During this procedure, a thin vertical sleeve of stomach is created using a stapling device. The sleeve is about the size of a banana.

Approximately 85% of the stomach is removed.  Food passes through the digestive tract in the usual order, allowing it to be fully absorbed in the body.

This works in two ways:

  1. By removing the portion of the stomach thought to control appetite, patients are generally less hungry

  2. By reducing the volume of the stomach, patients feel full quicker and ultimately eat less.


Length of hospital stay: 1-2 days

Sleeve Gastrectomy
Gastric Bypass

A small stomach pouch is created and attached to a section of the small intestine. This allows food to bypass a portion of the small intestine. By bypassing a portion of the small intestine, your body also absorbs fewer calories. As you eat less, your body will stop storing excess calories and start using its fat supply for energy.

Length of hospital stay: 2-3 days

Gastric Band

The gastric band wraps around the upper part of the stomach, dividing the stomach into a small upper pouch that holds about ½ cup of food and a larger lower stomach. The band creates a smaller stomach pouch and limits the amount of food that can be eaten at one time.

Length of hospital stay: 1-2 days

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"I knew when I walked out of the office my decision to have Bariatric Surgery (Sleeve) with Dr. Nakhjo was going to be one of the best decisions of my life. Besides feeling confident that I was making the right choice, I felt relief that I was going to get a second chance at life. Dr. Nakhjo has given me that second chance and for that I truly Thank You! Losing weight, has been and is always a life long struggle and battle. After having the sleeve surgery, making a 100 percent rapid recovery and losing over 90 lbs in just 8 months, I am so grateful. My wife, children, family, friends, coworkers, even neighbors have all benefited from the new me. I am full of energy, with a positive outlook on life and a true inspiration to others, that has been extremely gratifying. Although the work and dedication from me is at 100 percent to be successful, the work and commitment by you was also at 100 percent. For this I am eternally grateful. Simply stated, thank you for the chance to live, love & laugh for many years ahead."

Tommy H. - Frankford, NJ